In TheAge's Home Alone article, the author listed data on why Australian should be afriad of the Technologies. S/he said:

Australian online families choose to communicate with friends and family members using email (99 per cent), mobile phone calls (92 per cent) and SMS (70 per cent), instead of blogs (48 per cent) and instant messaging applications (43 per cent). China led with instant messaging (83 per cent) and blogs (81 per cent) as a personal communication tool.

Just want to add something: The reason why Chinese young guys do instant msging instead of mobile phones is because:

  1. The statistic is based on people who are mostly aged under 35 and who are exposed to new technologies.
  2. Back to the year 2000, when young students like me were still in college, they don't have any mobile phones, neither are there any land lines. But thanks to the government's progress every dorm has unlimited broadband connection and best of all, it's free! (Think about Australian universities at this time!)
  3. Mobile phone fees are double-charged in China (Either the caller or the receiver would have to pay, painfully). But txt messages are cheap (nealy A$0.015 per txt msg).
  4. Young people use Blogs, and they are the majority of the people group which took this survay.

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