Talk about Apple Safari Beta


"Screw you, Apple! Safari keeps crashing again and again on my PC!"

That is the topic I posted five days ago. Now let's talk about that much more.

I read the news that Apple would release Safari 3 to PC users five days ago. That time I could not wait downloading the Safari! But what disappointed me most, was the damn Safari "Beta" crashed at the first time I opened an ordinary website! I reinstalled three times but it kept crashing. At last I gave up.

As Jobs' saying, Safari on PC is 2 times faster than IE7, and Safari has much better user experience. But in my opinion now, it crashes 2 times often than IE7,  10 times often than Firefox, 20 times often than Opera. Much worse, it does not even support most other languages in the world.

I don't understand why Apple release such a piece of shit to public. It is even not mature. I think it is not a Beta version really, but Alpha version!

I'll still stick on my Firefox.

link: Apple Safari on PC is Still Shit


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