So, the bad guy was finally arrested, by, handed himself in. Well, the police force of Melbourne has been praised for "being very calm, cool and collected in the actions they took post the horrific killing that occurred in the centre of Melbourne".

Hang on, he was arrested because of his family? Is it a kind of fairy tale? Well, it seems that the Hell Angel gang member, is not so tought as he looked like. But, to all citizens of Melbourne, it is absolutely a good news that these gang members are just like their neighbour's naughty boys.

Suspect undergoes surgery

Reko Rennie
June 21, 2007 - 5:32PM

Christopher Wayne Hudson, the man accused of gunning down three people in a central Melbourne street on Monday, will remain under armed guard in hospital tonight after undergoing surgery.

Hudson, 31, who was arrested north of Melbourne late yesterday afternoon, underwent minor surgery for an undisclosed injury at St Vincent's Hospital this afternoon.

It is unclear exactly what is wrong with Hudson but it is believed his surgery treated a self-inflicted injury.

Hudson appeared in newspaper photographs today with a heavily bandaged left wrist after he was arrested last night.

His parents, who plan to visit him in hospital tomorrow, say they have not been given details their son's injury.

In a statement this morning, Victoria Police said the injury was sustained prior to Hudson's arrest.

Hudson was to remain under armed guard in St Vincent's Hospital overnight while doctors assessed his recovery.

He is then expected to be moved to a maximum security prison.

"We can't confirm where he'll be released to and that's basically at this stage for security reasons," a police spokeswoman said.

Parents' access restricted

Victoria Police said Hudson's parents would have restricted access to their son during his hospital stay.

"The same rules would apply if he was in custody. Exactly the same rules apply if he was in prison and they (Hudson's parents) would have restricted access to him," a Victoria Police spokeswoman told The Age.

"They can't just come freely and visit him in hospital."

Hudson's father, Terry, will travel from the Gold Coast to visit his son tomorrow, his lawyer Philip Whitehead said.

Speaking to reporters, Mr Hudson said he had been told nothing about his son's condition.

"According to the detective, he's got an unspecified sickness or illness and that's all they've told us," Mr Hudson said.

Mr Hudson said he received a call from his son just before is surrender at Wallan police station, north of Melbourne, yesterday.

"Prior to his handing himself in he was on the steps of the police station," Mr Hudson said.

"He just said, 'Dad I am here to hand myself in and I love you'."

Remanded in custody

A magistrate this morning ordered that Hudson be remanded in custody at a filing hearing held in the suspect's absence.

Hudson has been charged over the shooting of three people at the corner of Williams Street and Flinders Lane, in Melbourne's CBD, on Monday morning.

Brendan Keilar, a 43-year-old solicitor, died in the attack.

Dutch tourist Paul De Waard and Kara Douglas were also shot. They underwent emergency surgery and remain in stable conditions in hospital.

The police spokeswoman said homicide squad detectives had yet to speak to Mr De Waard and Ms Douglas.

A bail justice last night remanded Hudson at the St Kilda Road police complex, where he was taken after his arrest yesterday.

Hudson handed himself in to police about 4.30pm yesterday after hours of negotiations between police and his lawyer.

Victorian Premier Steve Bracks today congratulated police for "being very calm, cool and collected in the actions they took post the horrific killing that occurred in the centre of Melbourne".

He also congratulated them on negotiating Hudson's peaceful arrest., with AAP

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