Below is the words I wrote two years ago, when I transferred the flights through Singapore Airport.

Hey guys. I am at Singapore airport again. Tomorrow I'll be at Melbourne airport by 8 am. Time passed so quickly! I wish I could have more time to spend in China~! 🙁

P.s. because of the delay of Singapore airline, I got a wallet for their apologies. Haha~

--2005-07-17 22:24 Singapore Airport.

I mentioned "I got a wallet for their apologies", but the truth is, I was too excited so I blogged this one and then I left the computer without bringing the wallet with me..

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    hehe,funny story & good memory.
    Seems you much prefer writing in English now.....
    I\'ll be a long-time reader to push my English as well 🙂

    Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
  2. Lol, don\'t forget to check my Chinese Travelling blog occasionally as I might have trips in future..

    Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown


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