Just saw so many friends changed their cyber names to (L)China (Love China). Nobody, or no government nominates them to do so. These people are all over the world and 90% of them have bachelor's degree.

Love China Forever
Love China Forever

Just now some people on YouTube said that China "should not invade Tibet". Come on, USA is still invading Iraq and occupying Japan, Guan, and planning to invade Korea and Iran; UK is still occupying Northern Ireland and Forks Island; France is still occupying some settlements of Africa. Now these people are talking about China's invading into Tibet, even most Tibetans admit they are Chinese? Who were brainwashed? Have talked with many white people and they said when they were young they were told a lot of bullshit like the red will invade the whole world, or in a word "Red is bad; Red is evil". Come on guys, now you told me you weren't brainwashed!

It is funny that in the past 20 years we were told by Chinese government that in future, "Peace and development is the leading trend of the world". We were also forced to study English because we believe Americans will be our friends. Well if you call it a brainwash, I guess it was. Now we woke up. No more lies. There is no peace, there is no friend. Ppls ain't believe ya anymore.

Fortunately there are still some people stand behind Chinese, for example there are many Australian friends encouraged me that to those doggy media who amplified the human right problems in China, show them the middle finger and say "piss off", just like the small pissy country Cuba did in the past.

All in all, if people do want to call it (changing the nick) nationalism, well so be it. We WERE FORCED TO do that! Chinese people normally don't want to interfere other nation's shit things like Iraq, Iran, Northern Ireland and Forks Island but if we were fucked by you stupid media, you will be double-fucked in future, because you bloody braindead baaskaap-style media fucked those people shouldn't be fucked as this group of people will be a part of leading class of not only China but also the whole world.

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  1. 看到了,看到了。

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  2. actually i perfer this blog, but can\'t remember the web address.
    always back to "特殊的礼物" for getting in here.

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