Lol, don't worry, you will overcome. We had been through all these in the last five years and we got used to it.

From historical lessons, M$ product is too big to perform good testing, mainly because it involves so many old users profile across contenients & locales and distributed servers

So from the bright point of view, just wait a few days then you will see all good...


微软 你就是个事儿妈!

If you ever want to release a product, make sure you’ve gone through adequate testing and debugging procedures.

Leaving the pain with your business users is just not what we call professionalism.

No wonder your name is:  Micro & Soft !

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  1. just wait a few days then you will see all good...waiting................... and will see all good.........................waiting...............

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  2. 哈,微软的传统,也可能是软件产品的通病?反正我没法留言了。。

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  3. 哈哈,5年前,本来blog的用意的确在此,应该是互相引用链接的,但现在已经变了,成了论坛了

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  4. I have nothing to overcome. MS has.I understand they've got huge client base across the world, hence any system upgrading could be very complicated and time-consuming.I was just saying, given the obvious fact that they don’t have the capability to get the delivery done properly, should they at least consider shutting down the server during upgrading? Wouldn’t that be a little easier for the engineers?

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  5. Shutting down the server will make everybody mad and scream, including you and me...Besides, nowadays there is no web server upgrade is done via shutting down the server. That was so primitive....

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