Today it reached 13000. So there are nearly 3000 clicks on my blog from Jan.18 to Feb.5, 17 days, 176 clicks per day. That's gorgeous, isn't it?

Between those days I published four articles.The first one is of a picture that was drawn in the X'mas days of 2000. However I am very proud of that it earned 353 clicks. The second one that posted on Jan.23 (it got 182 clicks) and the fourth one that was just published 2 hours ago (however the clicks have risen to 37 in 2 hours), in which I posted nearly 60 photos of wild animals, are about Melbourne Zoo.  And the third one is illustrating my horrible backing home journey last Sunday. It gained 147 clicks.

Moreover, I've been in a position that is Top94 amongst 5242 persons registered in SMTH's blog with a total amount of articles amazingly less than 70 (63). It's quite unusual because people tend to publish a lot of articles every week to grab eyeballs.

The snapshot can prove it.

p.s. When I'm writing this article, another 5 clicks were added to my counter! OMG! How I love these guys! OK, I really have to go to bed 'cause tmrow I have to wake up early and go to work, otherwise I'll be indulged myself with blogs everyday.

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