Last n9, I, again, did not sleep. I think I am becoming a superman now. Finished the last two asnmts, with each of them reaching a D to HD level, I submitted them late today. Yes, be late. For the first asnmt, unbelievable, was about 40 mins late. For the second one, at least 30mins. Sh*t...I should not work so hard yesterday. Now with the late submission, I might not get a very good mark.

Besides, I really think I should have done better. The key is the time. Yes, time. If I got two more weeks, or at least had a partner...Things were different.

Now my eyelids are beginning to fight each other, while I am really very hungry (Yesterday I only ate a quarter of a pizza, two packs of instant noodles and a pie this morning) . After getting up, I still have to deal with the interview tmrw, and the final exam which will be run on Thursday.  🙁

The only gd news today is I get a HD for the final unit test of CPE5002, Network Security. It makes today not so gloomy...

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