Today is the last time for me having the IELTS test. The difference between this one and previous two that I had is, today's test is for immi purpose, not for academic studying. Actually everyone of us think it stupid to have one test tested twice since we all passed the more difficult Academic testing two years ago. But, as far as I'm concerned, we have no choice. They say so, we did so. That makes us idiots.

Talk about the test itself. Today I got up very very early (especially to me):- I got up at around six and went out at seven after a casual breakfast. I met Bob and we rushed to the RMIT IELTS test center. There were other guys who were waiting. Some of them were having catnaps on the desk with heads on their arms. I knew this could happen because I read a candidate's recalling before.

Ah, recallings. I have to mention the Online IELTS Candidates Recallings, or "Ya-Jing". It cracks IELTS test via a lot of candidates recallings posted online. The online recallings is popular even before the IELTS came into birth:- the TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language) and GRE (not General English Test, but Graduation Record Examination, which is held by ETS, Educational Testing Services, of US) recalled answers had been put into Internet too. Although the answers are always incomplete or totally wrong, they do offer great opportunities to those who want to peep something and save some marks. To me, the Ya-Jing is a double sword. In a three-year-ago IELTS test I was reciting all of the Ya-Jing but finally got failed. However, two years ago I achieved a satisfactory score in the same test without reciting any of the answers except for being familiar with the words that other guys mentioned in Ya-Jing. From these two we can learn that the Ya-Jing can help, depends on how we use it.

So far, this time I downloaded the Ya-Jing from the famous website again. But you guys guess what? At the end of the file named Model Essays for IELTS Writing, I see four essays, which are exactly written by myself! OMG, I remember these four essays were written in November 2002, during the reviewing time of my first IELTS test. How came that they were all put in the classic Model Essays for IELTS Writing file? Yeah I should be proud of that 'cause I guess no less than ten thousand Chinese candidates have read this PDF file and of course, along with these four example essays. Frankly speaking, I don't think these four are worth being put in that file, because I only got a 5 for writing skills assessment in that test at that time...

Dragging back to today's IELTS again...Guys were awaken by half past eight. We are divided into several teams. I'm in B5.17. The invigilator is a pretty Asian girl. Today's test was not hard, except for the fourth section of listening module. It talked a lot on an Alaska based scientist research program. The article is too long for us to remember and note down, especially when we were facing some unknown words such as Sea Orchis(?). To me, the testing is like a physical testing:- three hours is too long, especially when I didn't sleep well last nite.

Okay, okay, I have to finish this entry because I think I've said too many prattles. Maybe because I just finished the test but I am still exciting. Anyway, say goodbye to IELTS. I'll never pay $220 on it again. 😈

p.s.When I were writing this article, I heard a blast. Then the power of whole area was down. Of course it came with the lost of my article... 😥

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  1. : ) the last time. more and more feel that the test can\'t reflect the real level of ur english. well, no test could be perfect.anyway,bye~ ielts

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