As yesterday, today I still mainly focus on PHP and MySQL. There are new faces here: Mambo, which is a very sharp weapon toward website building market, and vBulletin, which is to create the best bulletin in the world (even better than the Discuz!). The Mambo is free and open sourced, so I suppose in future all website builders might have to lose their jobs and do something else. The vBulletin is not free, but we can download the slightly older pirated version from Internet (Thanks to Google!).

Talking about Mambo, it is quite good because it uses the parallel structure instead of tree structure. That is to say, there would only exist modules instead of pages and links, so users can add modules by themselves (quite like LiveSpace). The different thing is Mambo is building via PHP, which is free.

Another two stuffs worth mentioning are:- APMServ and appserv. They are very good.

Today I still spent one hr in figuring out the Mambo structure and spent another two hours in configuring one Mambo website. The reason is I installed and opened too many services on my machine:- One Apache and one IIS server on Vista, and two Apache and one IIS server on WinXP. There could be another one waiting to be opened on Fedora in future. But that's still a plan.

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  1. Hello, here I leave you a link for an Appserv tutorial, there´s in these Site a Joomla tutorial. Joomla is even better than Mambo! Check it!Cheers from Spain, Melbourne!

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