Hi Microsoft guys, thank you for all your hard working these days. I know how hard it is for you guys to work out all these APIs and functions and all sorts of weird thinkings from users..

May I suggest there is one function too hard for people to use?

Before I suggest I have to tell you this is the feedback from my father, who is a pseudo-Blogger now (because I did Blog for him as he knows nothing about Internet, but obviously he is a very good poet writer) . But he is too old to understand how the things work. For example, like the small tiny button, it did confuse him (and other old people).

Let me explain:

First, he (or other old people) reads through all the articles, then he comes to the end, the space shows him "View more entries". OK, he thinks, then he clicks to view more entries, expecting he will see more entries which were previously published.

Then he sees another page of articles. But to his supprise, at the bottom of the page, there is NOTHING! He is confused. What the...Then he begins to see anywhere to find all the "missing" articles. He does not like the "List by date" or "List by category" because he does not know which date or which category the articles belong to! Now he comes to me and says, "You can't do it well, can you, IT guy?"

Well, the bloody little tiny button is on top! Nobody knows that; nobody can see that; Even my girl friend who is aged 29 does not know this cute icon.

So, next time when you upgrade, please for people's sake, upgrade this one, make it into words (not image icon), so people know. Also, better list all the pages, like "Page 1 2 3 4 ... end" ,so people can click through.


Latest version of Windows Live Writer now available - make blogging on Spaces even better

Today, we released the second beta version of Windows Live Writer.  We previously wrote about the first beta release here, but this release has some additional features that are a significant improvement over the first Beta release.   In addition, Live Writer is now available in 9 markets: US (English), US (Spanish), India (En), UK, Spain, Germany, Japan, China and France.   Read all about the new features on the Live Writer space.

As part of this new release, I also wanted to write and tell you about some of the new (and existing) features that will make writing blog entries on Spaces even easier and more fun!

Did you know that with Windows Live Writer, you can:

Layout pictures in the body of a blog entry - Ability to create blog entries and include the pictures within the body of your blog entry rather than at the bottom.   You can also align text around a picture to give it more of a magazine look and feel

Spell check your blog entries while you type them - Have you ever posted a blog entry and then later realized that you had a spelling mistake in it?   Never again since Live Writer has built in spell check which highlights potential spelling mistakes as you type.

Write blog entries when you are offline and post them later - Taking a trip?   You can create blog entries while you are offline and then post them when you get back online.  Use your time online for other things... write blog entries when you are offline!

Back-date blog posts – With Live Writer you can write a blog entry and set the date of posting for any date in the past.   You no longer need to worry about when you post an entry.

Easily add table formatting to your blog entries - Easily insert tables into your blog entries and leave the HTML formatting to us.  Live Writer makes creating tables simple.

Insert Maps in your blog entries - want to show the location of a place that you are writing about or even what it looks like?   Inserting a map from Virtual Earth is simple.  Just click on the "Insert Map" and choose the map that you want to talk about.

Maintain font consistency and easily change fonts - Live Writer allows you to choose your fonts by number (ie 10, 11, 12, etc) and it also automatically assumes the default font of the blog that you are publishing to.   So you won’t have to worry about making sure that when you are cutting and pasting text, the font is consistent.   Writer does that work for you.

Add tags to your blog entries - you can add tags into your blog entry so that your entries are picked up by Technorati and other blog search engines

Plug-in support - Want new cool features that were developed by Live Writer enthusiasts?   Just click here to see all of the plug-ins available ranging from Snagit Screen Capture to Event Finders

As always, we look forward to hearing your comments and feedback so download Windows Live Writer and let us know your thoughts.

- Chris Keating

Product Manager, Windows Live Spaces and Windows Live Writer

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