CNN Reports Chinese Cheers, the Sourer Grape Way

CNN reported on 4/21/08 about Olympic touch relay Malaysia, titled Chinese students cheer Malaysian touch relay. By reading the title you would think that CNN finally sees something positive about China’s hosting of 2008 Olympic Games. But once you read the content, you would feel CNN was telling you the grape was sourer. We are totally amazed how good CNN at spinning anything according to its agenda, or maybe a template.

The article started with a seemingly normal tune, said:

About 500 Chinese students attended the relay, carrying pro-China signs and heckling the few people taking a pro-Tibet stand.

The Chinese students wore identical shirts with the slogan “One Dream, One Nation,” and many of them had Chinese flags painted on their faces, according to witnesses.

Then, the spin started:

An Olympics organizer said the Chinese Embassy arranged for the students to be there. Several of the students told CNN that the Chinese government provided their transportation to the event and gave them the flags and shirts.

We are sure there were other words about all the Chinese were volunteers. Because we know! But somehow CNN conveniently bring up a un-identified source and an accusational implication.

Then it moved on to another attack with a strong hint:

At least two other people carrying pro-Tibet signs were carried away by police. It was not clear if they were detained because of a disruption or if they were removed for their own safety.

After this, seems CNN was very disappointed by the none eventfully relay so they have to drop a shadow:

Earlier torch relay stops in London, England; Paris, France; and San Francisco, California attracted tens of thousands of demonstrators. Some protesters in those cities tried to disrupt the relay, and police made dozens of arrests.

Tens of thousands! Man! throw in those number must really made the writer happier to end the story without too much of materials to go by the anti-China and anti-Olympic theme.

Now, CNN, let we show you something you may not want to report, the true tens of thousands of Chinese protesting all over the world at 4/19 for you and your media buddies distorting facts and lying. And there were thousands of them stood right outside of the CNN building in Los Angeles.

Note: CNN got thousands of people protesting just in front of its building in Los Angeles on 19 April. Bloody idiots! LOL!


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