That is a good one. Hope you guys all good and thank you for your efforts.

Additional, I would like to give you some suggestions for Live Space:

  1. Can you do an automatic SEO funtion, that can put people's blog head in the <title>section? This can not only help people's blog attract more traffic but also allow you guys display your banner (advertisement) more often!
  2. Why don't you guys do some changes that automatically translate the blog links to .htm format? You must know .entry is very very unfriendly to seach engines (even to your Live search)
  3. User can change the numbers of  articles showing on homepage freely. They are not bounded to 5, 10 or 15 articles...
  4. I've surveyed many friends. They all say the "previous or next page" icon (the small triangle) is very very hard to find! Couldn't you guys use texts instead of using the small triangles? Besides, you 'd put this under each single blog, not on top of each blog article!
  5. A premier Live service that premier users can pay to get VIP services and get rid of banners. Say $10 a month? People will pay that!
  6. The community page! Don't you think that is important? It is VERY VERY IMPORTANT! I don't know why you do not generate an attracting community page for each country/market! The current ones are either not attractive or just not up to date / less information / not enough user articles recommended. But through the community page users can easily find popular blogs and interactive with them!
  7. Junk link prevention. Very easy. Human power is huge. Use a calculation that can let users vote!
  8. Open more HTML functions. Restrictions can only drive your potential users away!

What I want to say here is, you have great advantage over other blog services (like you've combined Messenger users with Blog service), however you guys just don't know how to use this advantage!


Technical preview of Windows Live Writer now available

This morning, the Windows Live Writer team released a new version of Writer for download from Writer Zone, their team blog. The new version is a technical preview only available in English (United States), and the primary focus of the release is to get feedback on the improvements made to the plug-in SDK.

In addition, there are some additional product features as well, including the ability to publish videos from your computer to Soapbox and Spaces as well as new photo editing capabilities.

Go check out the Writer team space where you can read more about the SDK changes and the new features, and download the technical preview.

And as always, keep the feedback coming.

- Chris
Product Manager, Windows Live

Technorati Tags: Windows Live Writer,Windows Live

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